It is now self-evident that for a successful business, companies hire video making professionals to meet their marketing campaign needs. People have understood how important a role videos play in surging their sales. When a story is narrated with visual and sound effects, audiences understand and respond better. A perfect narrative is very important to hold the attention of the audience. An explainer video is a dynamic communication tool that helps sell products and services ten-fold better than any other method.

Advantages of Explainer videos over other tools of marketing

Here are some good reasons to build your brand with explainer videos:

  • Explain what you do

Explainer videos are the most effective way to describe what you do. A 90-second explainer animation video is the ideal video. It can be made to help sell a product or service, promote your business, or raise awareness for your non-profit organization.

  • Educate your audience

Using a motion graphics explainer video on any subject using animated motion graphics or cartoon animations, the audience can be educated. Training videos enhance information retention by five folds when compared to traditional training methods.

  • Simplify complex ideas

If you have an idea that’s too complex to understand, explainer videos will turn it into a simpler form for your audience to understand. If you can explain your concept with animated visual graphics, you increase your chances of growing your sales.

  • Increase sales with an explainer video

Is a sales video your best friend? Maybe not. But if the world is, your marketing video should be your choice of sales tool, because you can’t sell your product or service while you sleep, but the video can. A professionally produced explainer animated video helps accelerate sales.

Promote your business

With animated explainer videos, the process of promoting businesses has become very easy. Short animated videos grab a potential client’s attention with one look and are easy to comprehend and share. Word spreads easily and effectively with explainer videos. Explainer animation videos are perfect for explaining your business in 1-2 minutes. We make animated explainer videos that deliver your value proposition clearly. This makes video explainers a fantastic option for businesses that want to tell their story creatively and memorably.

  • Can Be Used at Any Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Explainer videos are easily customizable and can be used at any stage of the buyer journey. You can choose to have one explanation video that demonstrates the entire value cycle of your product or break it down into multiple videos.

  • Adds Creativity to Dry Content

Although you have put a lot of work into your website copy, the truth is, very few people read it. An explainer video can help you plug this gap. Explainer animation video production companies take dry, innate content and turn it into an engaging, entertaining, informative, and memorable story. Using video explainers to support your web copy is an essential tool for capturing more leads.

  • Appeals to Both New and Existing Customers

In most cases, your new and existing customers have different needs. However, what they both have in common is a need to understand your business, products, and services better. Have videos on your webpage that appeal to both parties or separate explainers for each group to upscale your business. Adding explainer videos to your marketing bucket list can be the best investment you make for your company. With the advent of social media, promoting a business with videos has become a popular choice for top businesses around the world.