You must’ve heard about what an explainer video is. If made for a company, within a minute, it explains what the company is all about, its USP, and the products and services they have to offer. It attracts the attention of the audience by engaging them with interesting stories and animation.

Research suggests that more than 97% of the population prefers to watch videos than to read about things that interest them. This proves the importance of explainer videos in the market.

Today, we thought of answering some frequently asked questions rather than having just an idle talk.

Let’s begin:

The best video choice for start-ups – Animated or Real Human?

The choice of video depends upon the goals and the kind of business the start-up is. Most clients prefer animated videos since they have a story to tell that is captivating for their target audience. Explainer videos are a perfect tool for sharing information considering the fact that animated videos are the best way for people to boost their business by sharing such videos to different social media platforms. These platforms (YouTube, Vimeo) are considered to be the most useful for business promotion of the product because 95% of video marketers give preference to explainer videos as part of their marketing campaign.

How long does it take to create a 2D animation video?

Depending on the complexity, the animation of a character takes about a day’s time if the character has a lot of actions to perform. Otherwise, a few hours are enough to accomplish the task. So, the more actions and characters your film has, the longer it would take to bring it to life! Giving a specific time frame to deliver the video would be tricky since its creation depends on a lot of factors such as writing the script, making the storyboard, or voicing the video. A high-quality standard video of about 60 seconds would take a month’s time to complete.

How does a script help in explainer animated video? And how to write one?

A script is the basic necessity to communicate your story with your clients in the correct order. A good script is the one that is crisp and yet delivers the message impactfully. To write the best script for an explainer video, you can follow these steps:

  • First, introduce the main character of the video
  • Explain the problem the character is facing
  • Offer a solution
  • Describe how your service helps them
  • Write pointers to lure people’s attention
  • Explain why your product/service stands out
  • Make people believe, that they need your service – Call To Action!

How will these explainer videos benefit my company?

Explainer videos have proven to be the best kind of marketing technique in today’s digital era. They not only grab a prospective client’s attention but also motivate them to call to action. These videos very well explain the existing problems and offer your service in the form of a solution. They help escalate wed traffic and are the perfect tool to add to your marketing campaign. They also help achieve better brand recognition.

If you are not sure about whether explainer videos are right for you, feel free to check out your competitor’s websites and social media handles. If they aren’t up-to-date with this trend, you must start it! Explainer videos not only increase conversions but also are a great tool for brand pitching. With a well-made video, you could be sure that your presentation would be on-point and enhance your connection with your audience.

How much does an explainer video cost?

Since explainer videos are trending, companies have set a high price. However, the price depends on a lot of factors: video length, quality, experience of the company, the style and design of the video. Template videos are available at cheaper price compared to the customized ones. The well-thought-of custom videos that take a lot of time and effort, will be charged at a higher rate. People enjoy watching interactive videos and not the ones where the characters are walking and talking like lifeless robots. An explainer video is meant for human interaction where your services are presented in such a way that the people watching it understand its necessity and believe in your product. A good explainer video is the one that compels your audience to purchase your service or product immediately after watching the video. Therefore, people nowadays prefer to pay for high quality customized videos that surge conversions. But, yes, you must check twice the video production company you choose because just charging high does not make them a good fit for you